Healthy Eating

At Littleworld nurseries, mealtimes are happy, relaxed social occasions sitting in small groups at tables with a member of staff. The children are encouraged to eat well and learn about the food, not only to protect their health but also to set the foundation for their future health and wellbeing.

The pre-school children take it in turns to set out the tables. The lunch is provided in serving dishes to encourage independence with choice and portion size by serving themselves, which is carefully monitored by staff.

Sample Menu

Healthy Eating 1

Meals provided are planned by our resident chef to be nutritious and well balanced. The meals are freshly prepared daily, with all fresh Healthy Eating 2.pngproduce locally sourced. Kenyons provide our fresh fruit and vegetables and Weyhill Farm Shop provide our meat from their farm in Hook. Our Food and Drink Policy takes into account best practice by not adding any salt and using low-sugar recipes, and by checking all food labels for salt and sugar levels to ensure we do not exceed to recommended levels for children under five.