Our Philosophy

For over 20 years parents have trusted our nurseries to provide their children with a safe, secure, happy, healthy and stimulating environment. We offer a child-centred approach where children are encouraged to develop their individuality, creativity and self-confidence in secure surroundings.

Children need to feel a sense of security and belonging when they are away from their parents, and this is the key philosophy of our nurseries. We strive to ensure that all children feel happy, relaxed and safe. We also encourage them to feel confident in co-operating and developing good relations with the adults caring for them, and with the other children in the group.

Littleworld nurseries provides a wide range of appropriate learning materials and stimulating, high-quality toys and activities, both indoors and outdoors. Children are provided with a varied, healthy diet, fresh air, rest and play, all contributing positively to their physical, emotional and educational development. Surrounded by their peers, they can develop at their own pace, play a full part in activities devised for their age and enthusiastically learn new skills.

Every child is recognised and treated as an individual, within a framework of the highest ethical standards and equal opportunities. We work closely with parents to provide a level of care that meets the high standards that you would expect for your child.

At Littleworld nurseries we are fully aware that parents are children’s first educators and appreciate when parents and practitioners work in partnership, the results for the child are positive. Therefore we are dedicated to ensuring that you are confident your child is receiving the best possible care and education, and we are committed to communicating with all those who entrust their children in our care so that they achieve peace of mind.