Piglets Room

Our Piglets room is divided into four parts, with two separate teams of staff. The babies have a team of two staff, the toddlers have a team of five.Piglets Right

Our baby area is designed to enhance motor skills, sensory perception and physical
development using black, white, coloured and natural equipment. The space allows babies to roll, lie and crawl in a safe environment. Our qualified experienced staff give constant attention to developmental needs, offering warm responses to the baby’s actions, expressions and gestures.

The piglets also have a separate cots room, which has a viewing window from the office and is fitted with a monitor and CCTV which is monitored in Piglets and the office. This allows flexibility to ensure babies can continue with the sleeping routines already established at home.

The Piglets toddler area is a continuation from the baby area. It has its own team of staff and a larger space to explore. Equipment is stored and displayed at toddler level, allowing them to make choices and develop the very early stages of independence.
The equipment is changed to regularly meet the developmental stages, needs and interest Piglets Leftof the toddlers. The play area is enhanced with a book area where the toddlers can snuggle up and enjoy looking at books independently, with a couple of friends or with a member of staff. Treasure baskets are used to develop concentration, helping toddlers to select through touch, taste and feel. Enriching their experience of objects around them helps them to gain confidence in making decisions.

The messy area gives the children freedom to experience and explore different mediums such as paint, sand, water, wet pasta and shaving foam. This area is also used for mealtimes, and is designed so that the toddlers can become independent at feeding.

The outside area has a play deck, which enables outside play to be accessible in all weathers. The play deck leads onto a large garden with a purpose-built sandpit, vegetable patches, climbing equipment and play houses.