Tiggers Room

Tigger RightTiggers are for our tweenies before they go to the pre-school. The room has a team of five dedicated staff.

The Tiggers room has a main playroom with a messy area, a specially designed bathroom incorporating a nappy changing area, potties and a junior toilet for that very important development stage of potty training.

Tigges Left


Tiggers builds onto the experiences Piglets has provided. Tiggers staff observe the children at play and note their interests and progress; these observations are used to inform planning and to provide more complex challenges.

The planning sets out activities to allow the children to make self-directed and guided choices to fun learning in the messy, play and outside areas. The Tiggers’ play deck gives the children easy access to outside activities, and leads onto the large play area with Piglets.

The Tiggers staff recognise their important role in each child’s language development. They ensure all the children have the opportunity to participate in small language groups, where makaton signing is also used.

Tiggers love their garden area, growing vegetables to eat, herbs to smell and flowers to make the area inviting.