Our Clatford Rooms

Child development is assessed through observation of children during their own self-chosen play, which allows the staff to build an accurate picture of your child and guide them, indicating what can be done to support, extend and encourage further learning. Every child’s developmental journey is captured in a Learning Journal throughout your child’s entire time at nursery, and parents are welcome to both view and contribute to them at any stage.

The nursery is split into three rooms: Mouse Room for babies (3 to 18/20 months), Fox Room for toddlers (18/20 to 34/36 months) and Owl Room (pre-school children 34/36 to 60 months).

We recognise that the first three years of life are an extraordinary time that sets the foundation for all the years that follow.

Please click below to see information on each of our rooms:

Mouse (3 to 18/20 months)

Foxes (18/20 to 34/36 months)

Owls (pre-school children 34/36 to 60 months).