Owls Room

Owls Right

Owls room is our pre-school room where we cater for children aged 34 months plus, In owls room we provide resources and play opportunities that match the children’s age, stage, interests and needs to support their learning and development. In Owls room we promote independence by having free-flow to our garden area and free-flow snack times, during lunch time we encourage children to serve themselves out of small dishes with appropriate support.

Owls room team is the Deputy Manager who oversees the whole room, with support of two Senior nursery nurses and a two Nursery nurses, the required ratio of staff to children of this age is 1:8 with a maximum of 30 children at anytime.

Owls LeftOwls room has all continuous provisions at the children’s height encouraging them to
choose equipment themselves and encouraging sharing of equipment, In the owls room we ensure that the resources are safe and are used safely with appropriate levels of supervision, The many toys we have include construction, small world, musical, puzzles, treasure baskets, sensory, books, role play resources to encourage imaginative play, craft, messy play, and communication area. Our outside area and indoor area are equipped with the same learning opportunities with extra room for sand and water play, bikes, buggies, balls, to encourage physical development. Along with having all inside toys provided.