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Littleworld Day Nurseries

Littleworld Day Nurseries provide high-quality childcare services for children aged between three months and five years.

We create an early learning environment where every child feels respected and supported.


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Centrally located near Andover station and town centre.



In a rural location with access to large, outside space.

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For Nearly 30 Years

Providing Childcare

Littleworld Day Nurseries was one of the first full day nurseries to open in Andover.

For nearly 30 years we have listened to what the local community and parents require from a childcare provider. Over time we have adapted our services to meet many of those needs.

We continue to work closely with Hampshire’s Services for Young Children to maintain the highest standard of quality of care for your child. Sometimes this involves participating in ongoing projects that benefit both children and parents.

We have strong links with the local schools which our children feed into each year. Over the last few years we have held transition meetings with parents and reception teachers which have encouraged our parents to ask all those questions they need to ask for a successful transition into school.

Over the years, Littleworld Day Nurseries has built strong relationships with the military, European, Chinese and Asian communities, which enhances the diversity and structure of the nursery.

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Our Staff

Highly trained and attentive.

Child Safety

Your child's safety is our priority.

Healthy Eating

Local, fresh ingredients to promote healthy meals for all of our children.


Development Matters

At Littleworld Day Nurseries, your child’s development matters to us. We understand that parents/carers are the child’s first and foremost educator, we work closely together with our parents/carers to provide the best possible learning experiences for each individual child.

At Littleworld Day Nurseries we use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outcomes to support our practices and ensure all children are developing in all 7 areas Stated in the EYFS.


Communication and language


Physical development


Personal, social and emotional development






Understanding the world


Expressive arts and design

We make regular observations on every child so that we can find out what the children are interested in, and assess their stages of development. These observations are reviewed so that we can plan the next steps for each individual child.

We then use this information to plan activities that are both exciting for the children, as well as moving them forward developmentally. At Littleworld Day Nurseries we aim to provide experiences that are child-initiated.

Parents are invited to view and discuss these observations with their child’s Key Person whenever they wish. Every room displays its planning on a weekly basis, and regular updates are given on the child’s planned next steps.

Fresh and Local

Healthy Eating

Locally sourced and seasonal produce, prepared on site by our qualified catering team.

Special Dietary requirements can be supported and catered for.


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